Beware of the Lady Bugs


My sweet two year old daughter, Alida loves bugs… as pictures… in books. Not on the ground, crawling, flying towards her. It seems our house is being inundated by lady bugs, which I will take over most other bugs. But as I was trying to feed my 2 month old Heidi, Alida comes running, face full of fear of a sweet little lady bug( can’t full me bug, I know you stink, badly when threatened). I try to explain to her “You’re safe!”,  “Sweet bug, nice bug” but she will not have it. She wants up, in my lap, right then and there. So, to accommodate this fear stricken child, I pull her up on my right side while Heidi is being braced by my left, having to take a reluctant break in her feeding. I finally calm Alida down by petting her. As I proceed to get up, she freaks out. Refusing to get down. There was no way her toes were going to touch the ground that lady bug rules over. I start a rhyme about a lady bug from a book she likes. She peeks down at it on the floor, making sure she knows where it is at all times. I get up to set Heidi, my two month old down and Alida still refuses to get down. So, I come to the rescue, carrying her with me to the kitchen.

This is only a small portion of my day of the, what you would call… drama. Humorous, fun memories that I can always cherish. No matter how stressed, overwhelmed or anxiety filled the day may be. End of the day, I am loved and wanted. I am a mom who is there for my girls and always will be.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Kids are fantastic!


About Mel in the Atl

A person who crossed the finish line, entering the age of thirty. Blessed with a wonderful savior, Jesus. a brilliant husband & two amazing daughters under the age of three. Life is an adventure and a learning curve as each day presents new adventures and lessons to be learned. This is about my trials, lessons, art and recipes. Why not, we always need food. Or at least that is what my stomach tells me. Enjoy!

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