Bring out the groundhog!


For most of the region there has been snow, ice and horrible chills to the bone kind of wind. We on the other hand, in the south-east are at the last week of January and we have a high of 64 and have had temperatures above 50 degrees for several weeks. Did I mention it is monsoon season as well? Don’t get me wrong, we need the rain. We have had very low water counts during the summer putting us at the mercy of nearby puddles that tempt you to splash in them… oil slicked and all. So.  I say. let’s bring out the groundhog before groundhogs day and see what he thinks. No people. Not global warming. 1800’s had their warm winters too.

On another note. My girls are finally feeling a hint better even though they still seem to run a tad warmer than I like here and there.

What’s to come for 2012 posts.

  • Fresh Ground Wheat and bread making moments
  • More of my girls
  • Dealing with debt
  • Cooking and baking without white sugar…brave soul I am!
  • Organization the OCD way
  • Craftiness in so many ways
  • Love of family
  • Photography via Instagram
  • Health in real wheat
  • Managing being a mommy of two

At that- due to being a short post. I will post pictures, why? Because they make me happy and they hopefully will make you happy too!

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About Mel in the Atl

A person who crossed the finish line, entering the age of thirty. Blessed with a wonderful savior, Jesus. a brilliant husband & two amazing daughters under the age of three. Life is an adventure and a learning curve as each day presents new adventures and lessons to be learned. This is about my trials, lessons, art and recipes. Why not, we always need food. Or at least that is what my stomach tells me. Enjoy!

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