Knitting & A Nut Case


I was bitten with the knitting bug several years ago and have been teaching myself new techniques lately. Most of my learning has been through the kindness of experts downloading their knowledge onto the web and reading books. Without YouTube, I do not know if I would have weathered the storm. I am one of those people, the visual ones. Yes. Watch out! I will remember what you wore five years ago at a coffee shop get together. It is a blessing…and a curse. If you are a Monk fan, you know the reference.  Photographic memories are interesting, but sometimes things can interrupt our world and make us unwieldy. Yep. That’s me. But I am getting better.

Well, back to knitting. I would like to show several of my projects I have been working on. But first, I would like to provide some links that might inspire you to to pick up knitting. And once my items are together, i’ll upload.

In the beginning of my knitting hobby, over complicating is an understatement. Being young and easily frustrated due to lack of confidence and no one at home to direct you, things get interesting. There were times I wanted to break my needles & burn the yarn. But, I hesitated. Weeks would pass and the innocent looking needles would patronize me from a distance. I debated whether or not to turn them into a hair accessory. But, I did not. They were too expensive. haha

So. Finally, I picked them up one day and things began to come together. There were setbacks here and there. But I decided to not give in to failure! I had to find the right teacher and try to no over complicate. I watched so many videos, talked with several different people. Watched efficient Obi Wans with their needles producing works of art. I wanted to do that as well. I paint, sculpt, draw, build, create and play a viola. How can yarn and needles defeat me?!?! I know feel like I have come a long way in such a short time. Regarding the right teacher: YouTube has every type of person trying to guide you to the dark side of knitting. Some are better than others. I need a direct, clear to the point person. I have found several I like. One of which, I have provided a link below.

Bottom line, knitting taught something important about myself. I would start more than I could finish, overwhelm myself, burn out, call myself names, and act like a toddler who couldn’t get into a cookie jar. I have matured a lot within a few short bouts of insanity. Now I have so many fun defeats under my belt that I feel a victory dance coming along!

So after my rant, here are two links to a project I am starting. I hope you do this with me. It is actually quite easy as far as steps and pattern. It’s not a novel of steps. So, are you with me? **Fist Bump**

I hope to buy these needles with my fun money next week and I already have the yarn.


Photo via iKnits via The Prul Bee

The Purl Bee: Pattern & photographic instruction

YouTube instruction: via iKnits

Thanks & happy knitting!



About Mel in the Atl

A person who crossed the finish line, entering the age of thirty. Blessed with a wonderful savior, Jesus. a brilliant husband & two amazing daughters under the age of three. Life is an adventure and a learning curve as each day presents new adventures and lessons to be learned. This is about my trials, lessons, art and recipes. Why not, we always need food. Or at least that is what my stomach tells me. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh, I remember how frustrating knitting was in the beginning! Even though I was lucky, I had after all my grandmother as a teacher. But yay you for not giving up! That’s impressive. The cowl pattern looks fun, good luck with it! 🙂

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