Eggs for dinner.


I will go ahead and start off by saying we love breakfast for dinner. I also really need to go grocery shopping. Hence we are having eggs for dinner. We literally have nothing left in the house to eat. I have failed at my job of keeping our fridge and cabinets stocked well. What happened? How did this happen? Well, there have been too many things filling our fridge for events. In other words, for other people. So, that means I have to pull my act together with Christmas afoot and get our supply back up. Good thing we have eggs. Two eggs at that. My dear husband made omelets for our daughters and currently, I am not sure what we are eating. Guess the Hubster will be making a run to the grocery store.

The nice thing about your cabinets running low and fridge looking bare, you can get a good mental grasp to how it may feel to someone who is less fortunate. Many families in America are in this boat. Their cabinets are bare and they do not have the funds to restock like I know we will in a bit. But I know that for me, being a stay at home of two and my husband working so hard to keep us provided for it is hard for us too sometimes. Things in general are going up in price and my kids are eating up a storm. I remember growing up not having a lot either. We all have been their in some form or fashion. I am just grateful for so many things and need to slow down and look around at the blessings I often take for granted. We have running water. We can turn a handle and decide how hot we want our water to be. I have a switch for lights so I can craft to my hearts desire.

For my daughters, the best thing I can do for them is show them what it is to want and not have it all. They are truly blessed beyond words and they don’t know that yet. My husband and I many years ago said we will be sure to serve a shelter during the year holiday or non-holiday so we too can bless someone who does not have the luxury of a roof over their head or hot meal or water at hand. My oldest is three and I have been talking to her about help other children who are without family and do not have toys or food like we do. She is a giving spirit anyway and she has been known to try and give her sweater and jacket to children who admire them. It melts my heart to see her sweet disposition take wing. Children really can be eye openers to adults who have lost their spark of child-like behavior. There are some things at work in my very own heart that I know that the Lord has put there to do and really feel that is the path I want to leap in. I would love to start my own non-profit organization. Name already in mind and outreach figured out. It is just figuring out the next steps. It will be a challenge with two small children. But I am one determined lady. We shall see what happens.

After typing this my husband wrote a list and has left to bring home some nourishment for these tired, hungry bodies. Thank goodness.

I pray for those who have nothing or very little. That they will find shelter, food and warmth.

My two loves at our favorite pumpkin patch in November 2012

My two loves at our favorite pumpkin patch in November 2012

Blessings on the rest of your week.


About Mel in the Atl

A person who crossed the finish line, entering the age of thirty. Blessed with a wonderful savior, Jesus. a brilliant husband & two amazing daughters under the age of three. Life is an adventure and a learning curve as each day presents new adventures and lessons to be learned. This is about my trials, lessons, art and recipes. Why not, we always need food. Or at least that is what my stomach tells me. Enjoy!

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