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DASH of Common Sense


Most of the people who drop by my blog spot would not know the struggles I dealt with while pregnant in 2009 and in 2011. I had developed preeclampsia. Those were two complicated pregnancy’s that God pulled me through and made me stronger. For those who do not know what that condition is, please refer to The Preeclampsia Foundation website for more details.

Since 2009 my body has not been the same and not just the typical adjustments after having a baby but after my body being put through the wringer twice. After having my mind, heart, liver and kidneys stressed to the max, I have been seeking my healthy norm that I was prior to pregnancy. I had lost a lot of weight that I had put on from lovely bed-rest and edema from the condition. I did it by nursing, healthy diet and exercise and strong determination. But, I hit a plateau and began noticing edema coming back. What on earth?!?

Well. One thing I know is stress kicked into high gear in the Summer of 2012 when I picked up a part-time job working from home doing underwriting for an insurance company. Trying to balance home duties, kids needs and my own personal time needs ie sleep. I was going down hill with blood pressures all over the place. I had seen doctor after doctor telling me old information about after effects of preeclampsia and finally this year, went back to an old faithful I had seen in 2009 that specialized with my pregnancy complications dealing with my heart in particular and he agreed something wasn’t right and pills would not be the trick. Mostly because I had inconsistent blood pressures and going on a drug would only complicate matters. Some facts about preeclamptic survivors, is their risk for heart disease, kidney disease and liver conditions magnifies. Many doctors who are not up to date with the latest news regarding this condition and what long term health of the patient can lead to can mean a harder recovery and or no recovery and possibly pre-mature death from the silent killer. Heart disease. As a patient, you take health, your health into your own hands. Find a doctor who is well versed and don’t give up. Doctors are humans who either choose to investigate you and get to the bottom of your issues or brushes you aside and sums you up in their head. You choose to hire or fire your doctor. That is the beauty of having options.

This wonderful doctor informed me that he has been working with several organizations to get them on board with his research surrounding the effects of preeclampsia and the risks the mother has afterwards. ie American Heart Association

The main reason for my post is to share the diet plan he has suggested to me. The DASH diet. DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. I have purchased the book and an additional recipe book to plan out my meal plans and I am so glad I did. The recipes are simple, sound good and seem very simple. I hope to share my journey as I try to lower my blood pressure, improve my good cholesterol, lower my body weight and lesson my chances for cancer. Naturally. I love running and walking trails. This in combination with my diet, I hope to see some improvements. A lot of this is simple, common sense meals. Eating mostly veggies, fruits, lean proteins and fibers. I disagree with alternative, fake sugars. I will not and cannot eat those. But I use good, real sugars in my diet. I was already eating similarly to this diet just by common sense, but I am a person who often needs guiding along to follow through for the cause. This in turn will help my husband and teach my daughters the value of healthy eating. I want to grow old with my husband and watch my daughters grow. More than words can express. I look forward to our local market opening in the next few weeks to get our fresh fruits and veggies.

I had an EKG last week, I have a stress test tomorrow on a treadmill -call me hammy for hamster 😉  An MRI Friday. They are testing me for MS (multiple sclerosis) and praying that I have good news rather than the alternative. Either way, I am in good hands. I have a purpose here and will learn as I go. God is so good to me and and for all I have been through in my life when I entered this world, I have seen the hand of God work in me and others. ❤

Me and my girls checking out the gorillas

Me and my girls checking out the gorillas

Thank you for checking out my post and may you live a healthy, happy life. Blessings on a great day to you! =)


Stay at home mother of one…two?


My journey as a mother has been a fun one since I found out in the Spring of 2009 I would be having my first child in the Winter of 2009. I was elated and scared. So many emotions to swallow and realize, this wasn’t a dream. I was sustaining a life within me that I would soon take care of 100% for the next 18+ years. The main emotion overwhelming me was morning sickness. But I cannot overlook the fact I felt blessed and I was.

I have been working since I was in diapers at my dad’s hobby shop and put in a good amount of years at a grocery store and then several more at a bank. Though I went to school for Graphic Design and Web Design, I hit so many walls after economic slam from September 11, 2001.  It was impossible to find a good paying job when the market was inundated with several graduates in that field and old school printers going back to school for the new edge. So in my thinking then, I figured I would stick with banking to pay the bills and decide once married, if I would decide to be a stay at home mom or not.

My husband was able to find a Mechanical Engineering job right out of school thanks to a friends reference. We purchased a home and made improvements with the help of friends and family. During the renovation, we found out we were expecting. I was laying tile while pregnant, I was beat and couldn’t figure out why when I was used to being the energizer bunny. Soon we would be announcing to the family and then friends. We waited until my eight-week appointment to make sure everything looked okay and it was. So, we invited family over to a meal and then we did a left/right story for everyone to pass around an envelope. I teased them by saying, maybe lotto tickets or cash is inside to reward you all for your hard work (hahaha). As I read the story of my husband and I’s life, having them pass left and right based on the story, it was time. Each person opened their card and had different expressions. Most members said, “I knew it” or “I told you mama they would once they bought the house”… Some just gasped and were blank. But Overall, I feel they were happy of the news.

At this point, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be a stay at home mother or not. There were a lot of things going through my mind. I was unsure of my abilities. I worked with the Sunday school kids at church and older children, but felt I wasn’t sure how I would handle the change from working so many years. I was a workaholic and used to my income. Soon I would announce to my managers I was pregnant and shortly after my announcement. My manager called me into her office and talked with me about my goals. I knew where she was going. I told her I still was not clear on what I wanted to achieve in the banking world let alone career goal. A week later I would be transferred to another position in that department and knew they had me out of the door before I was even into my second trimester. I worked the call center department and realized I wasn’t going to be happy doing this. It was a lot of verbal abuse from customers who didn’t know how to balance a check book and poor management direction. I wasn’t sure yet if I was willing to give it up, but it felt like I was heading towards leaving that present job and turning it into a memory.

Into my second trimester, I was doing great. Proper weight gain, I was healthy and felt great. I was starting to feel the summer effects and disliked heat more and more. Soon my legs and feet were swelling to unrecognizable sizes and my heart was acting erratic. I had a few appointments and complained to them at each one about my symptoms and found myself seeing a heart specialist to just check things out. It was a Friday and the start of my vacation weekend/week. But would be informed of a loss very great to me. My husband’s grand-father passed away. It shocked me. He was a great man who I enjoyed being around. He understood me and I liked his wit. That weekend and week was very rough for me and the family. But I know that he is in a much better place and in peace. My vacation week was busy and still had my appointment for the baby and it didn’t feel like much of a vacation. I was still awaiting my results from the heart doctor and heart monitor package for a in-home stress-test but would find those out in the hospital. I went to my appointment and they found a large amount of protein in my urine and my blood pressure was insane. My doctor joked, “Your not wearing those slippers as a fashion statement, are you?”. I replied, “No, I can’t fit into anything.”. He asked me to go to the hospital and get more testing done and so, I did. They would not let me leave. I was admitted at 32 weeks pregnant to their high risk pregnancy floor with Pre-Eclamsia. I delivered at 37 weeks which is full term and fine with me. She was a healthy 8lb 4 oz baby at 20 3/4 inches. After being in the hospital three weeks and some odd days, I decided I would make up my mind once at home with the baby and see how I weather. I made my mind up close to the end of my leave and decided to stay home with my daughter and be the mother I always wanted to be. With the support, prayers and love from my husband, we knew we were doing the right thing. My paycheck was not worth her being raised in a day care like I was at six weeks of age.

Now we are onto the news of our second child, and we are thrilled. They will be exactly two years apart and we have been prepping our daughter for this welcomed addition. This will be are last addition as far as we know.

In less than six days, we find out the gender of our little one and cannot wait to share with our loved ones.

Have a blessed day. I hope you enjoyed reading this lengthy post. All 1,000+ of it. Hahaha


Meeting and Marrying Part I


If I told you that I knew the moment I met Brett that I would marry him. I would be lying to myself and to you my fellow readers. Geez that was a lot of I’s. Grammar Guru’s, chill out! Anyway. Back to point of this posting.

I will clarify, about two months into our relationship I knew he and I would lead to marriage, eventually. But only if it was Gods will for us. And it was. But I really need to back up for this story to tickle a funny bone in you somewhere.

I worked for a grocery store very popular in the south and continued from high school to collage. It paid the bills and it really fed a need for my temperament. Temperament you ask? Okay. I will get to that later. But I really did just about everything and anything for this company. I really put all I had into it. That is how I was raised and who I was.

That being said. I need to fill you in on a funny part of my walk with employment. Trust me. This will lead to how I met and married. I originally posted for a position for Target. Which was in my mind, an excellent choice. They called me and scheduled an interview. I came to the appointment and remembered from the application the “psychological profile” portion I had filled out couple weeks prior to the interview. Questions like, “Are you a thrill-seeker?”, “If you had a day off, would you go sky diving?”. I was like, NO way. But in the interview, the lady asked me, “What would you like to do in your free time?” I went stiff and said, Skydiving! This is a moment that reminds me from Charlie Brown Christmas and Sally goes, Hockey stick when she should have said Hark! What happened to my brain. From there I answered everything opposite. Needless to say, I did NOT get the job. I am happy about this by the way- not getting the job. I love Target. Don’t get me wrong. You’ll know why shortly.

So, I humbly get into the car with my mom and tell her everything I said and we are both baffled to my responses. My mother knows I am scared of heights. I know I am scared of heights and I have trust issues. Do you honestly think I would have trusted some dude wrapping my ankles to bungee jump or strapping myself to some dude to jump 13,000 feet from the air. I don’t think so! Alright. More temperament filled in. Next movement please.

I get home from school a few days later and get a call from the grocery store where I had also applied and did a high-five kind of interview. SO. I got the job. And worked at that location for roughly two years. Boy did I learn a lot about people in that short period time. But let us move on, shall we. Please? Okay. Good.

I transferred to Atlanta from this other location and found myself in a freshly unearthed grocery store and starting collage. It was Fall 2001. I was nervous, excited and ready for a change of pace and scenery. It really was refreshing. Cow manure and all. Soon there were newer faces and the older faces faded from the store. But one face stuck in my mind. It was Brett. A new bagger. He was intriguing. Annoying and adorable. He was 16 and I was 19. Roughly. I set the relationship thought aside and continued with my education in Graphic Design and majoring in Visual Communication. I dated a few people and made friends with other great characters. But the dating scene flopped. God was also working on my heart that needed a lot of maintenance.

In Fall 2003 I decided it was time to hang out with this intriguing, annoying fellow who threw pen caps at me and who decided my favorite sweater, jean jacket combo needed a submersion in water and then a trip to the frozen foods freezer in the overflow room. Poor jacket. It really was folded beautifully. Think Gap store.

So, we set up a hike to a mountain with our friends for January 11, 2003 to Red Top Mountain in Cartersville, GA. This is where all of our friends would cancel last minute on us and leave us with 15 sandwiches and tons of condiments. But that is okay. That was their master plan. Brett and I hiked the mountain and about five miles in. We rested and finally came clean and we both admitted we had interest in one another. We decided to head back to the car and awkwardly slid our hands into place. And just smiling at each other and just enjoying the quietness of the mountain. It was peaceful and you could just tell the birds were happy for us!

Our journey would lead us down some interesting trials and lessons. But we don’t have to get into everything here. Yet. What was so special, was the amount we had in common. Yet we had so many differences. We shared tears and shared dreams in parking lots of another grocery store parking lot. That is where we could get a moments peace and feel we had privacy. Until a tap on our window one night from a police officer asking us to move on. He made sure to shine is flashlight on parts that would make you blush. No officer. We were having a devotion. You know, a bible study. He didn’t believe us. So, we left. It really was a great discussion too.  We are kindred spirits. Honestly, God guided my footings. Why else would I have been a completely different person at Target. I would have had a different path. I thought that was the end of the world for me. I was so hard on myself and felt like a failure… but who would have guessed I would have been led to a certain someone so particular in such an obscure town I had been in briefly where there were just cattle and horses and no buildings to buy goods other than tobacco and fuel.

Eventually we would return to Red Top after other hikes and memories built to other neat places nearby. I was offered a ring to marry on January 11, 2006 our spot at Red Top. The proposal and other detail will come in another post. Hense the Part I indicated. I want to preserve my fingers for other duties of my day also, there is much to tell in that post that I don’t think I could fit into one without missing something amusing.

Okay, you can laugh now. I totally understand. We all go through dramatic hardships. That is what gives us character.

Good night and hope you found enjoyment. I did. Nothing like going down memory lane.