Eggs for dinner.


I will go ahead and start off by saying we love breakfast for dinner. I also really need to go grocery shopping. Hence we are having eggs for dinner. We literally have nothing left in the house to eat. I have failed at my job of keeping our fridge and cabinets stocked well. What happened? How did this happen? Well, there have been too many things filling our fridge for events. In other words, for other people. So, that means I have to pull my act together with Christmas afoot and get our supply back up. Good thing we have eggs. Two eggs at that. My dear husband made omelets for our daughters and currently, I am not sure what we are eating. Guess the Hubster will be making a run to the grocery store.

The nice thing about your cabinets running low and fridge looking bare, you can get a good mental grasp to how it may feel to someone who is less fortunate. Many families in America are in this boat. Their cabinets are bare and they do not have the funds to restock like I know we will in a bit. But I know that for me, being a stay at home of two and my husband working so hard to keep us provided for it is hard for us too sometimes. Things in general are going up in price and my kids are eating up a storm. I remember growing up not having a lot either. We all have been their in some form or fashion. I am just grateful for so many things and need to slow down and look around at the blessings I often take for granted. We have running water. We can turn a handle and decide how hot we want our water to be. I have a switch for lights so I can craft to my hearts desire.

For my daughters, the best thing I can do for them is show them what it is to want and not have it all. They are truly blessed beyond words and they don’t know that yet. My husband and I many years ago said we will be sure to serve a shelter during the year holiday or non-holiday so we too can bless someone who does not have the luxury of a roof over their head or hot meal or water at hand. My oldest is three and I have been talking to her about help other children who are without family and do not have toys or food like we do. She is a giving spirit anyway and she has been known to try and give her sweater and jacket to children who admire them. It melts my heart to see her sweet disposition take wing. Children really can be eye openers to adults who have lost their spark of child-like behavior. There are some things at work in my very own heart that I know that the Lord has put there to do and really feel that is the path I want to leap in. I would love to start my own non-profit organization. Name already in mind and outreach figured out. It is just figuring out the next steps. It will be a challenge with two small children. But I am one determined lady. We shall see what happens.

After typing this my husband wrote a list and has left to bring home some nourishment for these tired, hungry bodies. Thank goodness.

I pray for those who have nothing or very little. That they will find shelter, food and warmth.

My two loves at our favorite pumpkin patch in November 2012

My two loves at our favorite pumpkin patch in November 2012

Blessings on the rest of your week.


Knitting + Toddler = Interesting (to say the least)


Knitting in general is very relaxing, especially if you found an easy pattern to do hypnotizing stitches. When you venture to the complicated  patterns and need to keep track of detailed work, it then is another story (if you are not used to it). But when you introduce a toddler to the world of knitting, it is very chaotic. Especially when they are easily frustrated teenagers inside three year old bodies.

My oldest is three and she came to me several weeks ago and sweetly said to me, “I’m a knit too.” I just smiled and thought she was too cute and continued knitting my seed stitch scarf project. I mentioned in my prior post how toddler-like of me when learning to knit I had to deal with my “behavior” and have an attitude adjustment especially if I was to ever learn to knit. I felt like I related to the book I mention below all too well.

So, I brought my daughter to a local knit shop the other day that is too cute to describe in detail. But that it is a place I can just get lost in. I would be the one they’d find curled up like a cat in a corner on all their delicious yarn. Okay, maybe not that odd of behavior but you get the idea- it’s cozy and cute. We walk in and start exploring every inch and I hear the owner talking with a customer that they received a new book by Alana Dakos from I have several of her patterns and saw on her blog she was working on a children’s book. I meant to pre-order but forgot about it completely. So I was elated to hear she had the Deluxe Edition that came with stickers, Annie the paper doll, a puzzle and of course the book. My daughter saw the book set as well and begged for the book. She continues to express she’d like to knit. So, of course I purchase the book as a special birthday gift for her since her birthday was the next day. It seemed like the right thing to do. Right?!?

So the next day comes and we open the set together and my sweet husband captures her delight.

Oldest daughter opening her present

Book: Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf

As you can see, I was full of delight as well. She was so happy and asked for yarn and needles. I went straight to showing her the steps and though she is still too small to hold the needles just right, at least she is getting the exposure she needs and wants. This will hopefully aid her in fine motor skills and concentration. I will try and capture her adventures in knitting. There is something so special to see a little one so excited about something that they can work towards an end product and make for themselves.

Speaking of which, Alana Dakos provides a pattern for free of the swiss cheese scarf. It can be found on Ravelry under Swiss Cheese Scarf.


I hope you have enjoyed my post. Have a great day and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have been bountifully blessed beyond words.



Knitting & A Nut Case


I was bitten with the knitting bug several years ago and have been teaching myself new techniques lately. Most of my learning has been through the kindness of experts downloading their knowledge onto the web and reading books. Without YouTube, I do not know if I would have weathered the storm. I am one of those people, the visual ones. Yes. Watch out! I will remember what you wore five years ago at a coffee shop get together. It is a blessing…and a curse. If you are a Monk fan, you know the reference.  Photographic memories are interesting, but sometimes things can interrupt our world and make us unwieldy. Yep. That’s me. But I am getting better.

Well, back to knitting. I would like to show several of my projects I have been working on. But first, I would like to provide some links that might inspire you to to pick up knitting. And once my items are together, i’ll upload.

In the beginning of my knitting hobby, over complicating is an understatement. Being young and easily frustrated due to lack of confidence and no one at home to direct you, things get interesting. There were times I wanted to break my needles & burn the yarn. But, I hesitated. Weeks would pass and the innocent looking needles would patronize me from a distance. I debated whether or not to turn them into a hair accessory. But, I did not. They were too expensive. haha

So. Finally, I picked them up one day and things began to come together. There were setbacks here and there. But I decided to not give in to failure! I had to find the right teacher and try to no over complicate. I watched so many videos, talked with several different people. Watched efficient Obi Wans with their needles producing works of art. I wanted to do that as well. I paint, sculpt, draw, build, create and play a viola. How can yarn and needles defeat me?!?! I know feel like I have come a long way in such a short time. Regarding the right teacher: YouTube has every type of person trying to guide you to the dark side of knitting. Some are better than others. I need a direct, clear to the point person. I have found several I like. One of which, I have provided a link below.

Bottom line, knitting taught something important about myself. I would start more than I could finish, overwhelm myself, burn out, call myself names, and act like a toddler who couldn’t get into a cookie jar. I have matured a lot within a few short bouts of insanity. Now I have so many fun defeats under my belt that I feel a victory dance coming along!

So after my rant, here are two links to a project I am starting. I hope you do this with me. It is actually quite easy as far as steps and pattern. It’s not a novel of steps. So, are you with me? **Fist Bump**

I hope to buy these needles with my fun money next week and I already have the yarn.


Photo via iKnits via The Prul Bee

The Purl Bee: Pattern & photographic instruction

YouTube instruction: via iKnits

Thanks & happy knitting!


It has been, a while…


It’s not like I have a lot of viewers or people banging on my e-mail door asking for a post. But I will go ahead and give myself an ultimatum because that is what I do. If you don’t put yourself in the corner occasionally, you become a naughty public menus. 

Okay. Where am I? I am in a coffee house with my laptop. First time ever blogging from a “trendy” spot. I am so cool. Well, not really but some people think I am. Am I suppose to be blogging? No. I am suppose to be working. Yes peeps, I have a job among my other duties as a mother raising my daughters which is the best job ever and is my main job still. There came a point where I knew, if I was to reach my goals, I needed to find another form on income. We are truly blessed and not hurting, but need to rethink the need verses want mentality that this generation has encountered. Both of my parents were born at or the end of the great depression. So, the thinking of my grand-parents was to not waste anything nor get rid of anything. I have a reminder of this downstairs in my garage and sun-room. It isn’t until now that I have been really okay with letting go of so many wonderful “collectibles”. E-bay is a great reminder why you should not hold onto Barbies with lopped of hair and beautician in training make up via Crayola. You should see my collection. Yikes. Vintage 1970’s with joints that move. Scary! Anyway. Next topic. 

So, like I was saying and got off topic like I usually do, I found a job doing insurance work from home. It pays well and is definitely challenging my brain. So, after waking at crack of dawn to prep the day with my sweet girls, once they are down for a nap or quiet alone time- I am working on E-mails and spreadsheets. Then, back to focusing on my girls development, and then the day is almost done, hubby home and back to working. Laundry and dishes get a smidge behind some days. But I try to keep it up and not leave to much for the hubs. It is a huge adjustment to keep up with it all and my brain is doing a huge reset after not working (using the other part of my brain very often) in corporate America since 2009. 

I am still back and forth about some avenues i’d like to take. We humans always fear failure or making a bad decision that could domino effect your entire world. It’s much easier to uproot when you are single. When you have small children and a career around your belt, you have a lot more anxiety because you have other mouths to feed other than your own. And diapers. Many diapers. I found that the things that I do have control with like organization and decorating help me feel accomplished in other areas I cannot fulfill yet. I hope to post what kind of organization, baking and decorating I have done. 

Thank you for reading my post. Enjoy the updated image of my two rain drop and dew drop playing.  

Have a happy, always blessed outlook life. And look at the clouds today. Or tomorrow. And find a fluffy sheep, prancing in a meadow. Or a turtle jumping over a dog. Whatever the clouds do, you find it. 

Right now I see a walrus skip roping. No, I am not on meds. You’d see it too…maybe. 


Milling Wheat- A Flavorful Shock!


Here is a sneak peek into my kitchen and what has been going on. I’ll post more and update soon! I am needing some beauty sleep. Until then, I bid you farewell. 🙂

Bring out the groundhog!


For most of the region there has been snow, ice and horrible chills to the bone kind of wind. We on the other hand, in the south-east are at the last week of January and we have a high of 64 and have had temperatures above 50 degrees for several weeks. Did I mention it is monsoon season as well? Don’t get me wrong, we need the rain. We have had very low water counts during the summer putting us at the mercy of nearby puddles that tempt you to splash in them… oil slicked and all. So.  I say. let’s bring out the groundhog before groundhogs day and see what he thinks. No people. Not global warming. 1800’s had their warm winters too.

On another note. My girls are finally feeling a hint better even though they still seem to run a tad warmer than I like here and there.

What’s to come for 2012 posts.

  • Fresh Ground Wheat and bread making moments
  • More of my girls
  • Dealing with debt
  • Cooking and baking without white sugar…brave soul I am!
  • Organization the OCD way
  • Craftiness in so many ways
  • Love of family
  • Photography via Instagram
  • Health in real wheat
  • Managing being a mommy of two

At that- due to being a short post. I will post pictures, why? Because they make me happy and they hopefully will make you happy too!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Beware of the Lady Bugs


My sweet two year old daughter, Alida loves bugs… as pictures… in books. Not on the ground, crawling, flying towards her. It seems our house is being inundated by lady bugs, which I will take over most other bugs. But as I was trying to feed my 2 month old Heidi, Alida comes running, face full of fear of a sweet little lady bug( can’t full me bug, I know you stink, badly when threatened). I try to explain to her “You’re safe!”,  “Sweet bug, nice bug” but she will not have it. She wants up, in my lap, right then and there. So, to accommodate this fear stricken child, I pull her up on my right side while Heidi is being braced by my left, having to take a reluctant break in her feeding. I finally calm Alida down by petting her. As I proceed to get up, she freaks out. Refusing to get down. There was no way her toes were going to touch the ground that lady bug rules over. I start a rhyme about a lady bug from a book she likes. She peeks down at it on the floor, making sure she knows where it is at all times. I get up to set Heidi, my two month old down and Alida still refuses to get down. So, I come to the rescue, carrying her with me to the kitchen.

This is only a small portion of my day of the, what you would call… drama. Humorous, fun memories that I can always cherish. No matter how stressed, overwhelmed or anxiety filled the day may be. End of the day, I am loved and wanted. I am a mom who is there for my girls and always will be.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Kids are fantastic!